Firearm Retailers! 
Get Paid Immediately

Accept payments with the Credit Card Machine App

•  Swipe credit card payments on-the-go
•  Receive immediate approval on site
•  Send custom e-receipts detailing products and services sold
•  Access payment history, customer and product databases
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Storefront Sales

Paynet Systems provides brick-and-mortar businesses a free Hypercom credit card terminal. Analog terminals allow business owners to swipe and print quickly, improving your customer's checkout experience.

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Free Terminal Program

Merchant Dashboard Virtual POS

Turn your PC into a virtual processing machine the Merchant Dashboard and a Magtek USB Card Reader.  Securely swipe cards with your laptop or desktop, manage products and services, customers, tax rates and more!
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Find New Clients

FREE Social Media Referral Tool

 •  Automatically send referral requests to customers at checkout 
•  Customers can click to post a default referral or create their own  
•  The referral is posted to the customer's social media feeds, endorsing your company to their friends, family, and business associates
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What Our Customers Are Saying ...

"Now when I get the 'oh I forgot my checkbook' I say no problem, you can use your credit card ... [it] has cut my receivables way down and is very easy to use ... inexpensive, and great customer service"
- Home Inspector, J Wells
"Expectations definitely exceeded. Deposits hit my account quickly. The invoice and quote option has saved me a ton of money and administrative time. I like knowing I can manage my sales, deposits, quotes, AND market to my customers right from my iPhone with one app."
- Allstar HVAC
"Great customer service! Set up was easy, support team is above average and knowledgeable about every question I had."
- Devalos Farriers, Inc
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