Free in-app and online features to suit your business's every need.
  • Send Invoices & Quotes In-App or Online

  • Free Virtual Terminal For Home Office or Retail Storefront Sales

  • Sell Online 24/7 From Your Free Webstore

Process credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover® in-app and online.
Transact securely with our encrypted and secure SSL connection. Deter fraud with AVS and CVV2 security features.
Fully functional register to speed up checkout times. Calculate totals, apply gratuities, taxes, and discounts.
Offer your customers recurring billing options to automatically bill weekly,
bi-weekly, or monthly.
Apply discounts by percentage or flat amount and detail customer's savings on each detailed receipt.
Access detailed reports from your mobile device or online from Merchant Dashboard.

Additional Features

- Email and print customized receipts
- Fully manage your account in-app and online
- Free virtual point of sale for online processing
- Inventory Database
- Accept Tips
- Encrypted and Secure SSL connection
- Touch screen signature
- GPS transaction locator
- Customer Database
- Free Webstore
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